Parental Control Tool

Parental Control Tool

Parental Control Tool is security software

Parental Control Tool is a program that lets you restrict access to certain programs on the computer. This program is useful for parents who want to control what their children are able to do on the computer.

The program lets you deny access to applets in the control panel. You can also disable DOS programs, editing of the registry, network access, and boot keys.

The program also lets you hide desktop icons, drives, Start menu items, and items on the taskbar. With Parental Control Tool, you can control which programs are allowed to be accessed.

You can even limit the time users are allowed to be on your computer. You can also customize many parts of the Internet Explorer web browser. You can restrict access to IE browser options, disable particular tabs in the Internet Options dialog, and prevent other users from editing your Favorites.

The program is capable of logging who used your computer and at what time, so you always have access to that information. You can set an administrator password to keep other people from changing settings or uninstalling the program.

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